Outdoor Lighting Electrician in New Jersey

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Prime Electrical Services offers outdoor lighting services for homes and businesses in New Jersey. Our experienced electricians can help transform your outdoor space so that it is as secure as it is enticing when night falls. We have over 20 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses secure their outdoor spaces functionally and beautifully.

Add Light to Your Outdoor Space

The right kind of lighting can transform and rejuvenate an outdoor space. Whether that space is an outdoor dining pavilion or a backyard pool, our professional electricians will help make the outdoor space inviting and safe.

Residential and Commercial Outdoor Lighting Services in NJ

Prime offers both residential outdoor lighting services and commercial outdoor lighting services in NJ

Landscape & Garden Lighting

Prime electricians are adept at exterior lighting design and installation. We can highlight and accent features of your home or business’s landscape using various lighting techniques. Trust Prime Electrical Services to help your home or business shine bright at night.

Security Lighting

We also offer outdoor security lighting installations for both residential and commercial properties. Prime can help you select and install the latest smart devices, motion detection, and sensors meant to keep your business or home safe, secure, and well-lit.  

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