Maintenance Electrician in New Jersey

Prime Electrical Services provides high-quality maintenance services in New Jersey. Our electricians are knowledgeable and prepared to handle all service calls, from routine inspections to complete home rewiring. If you have noticed flickering lights or your circuit breaker has been acting up, then give the experienced maintenance electricians at Prime Electrical Services a call, and we can schedule an appointment.

Ensure Proper Electrical Maintenance

Electricity is the lifeblood of modern society. From entertainment to work and necessity, you need your electrical system to be working correctly. That is why you should trust Prime Electrical Services with inspecting and servicing your electrical system. We have over 20 years of operational experience maintaining the electrical integrity of homes in New Jersey.

Residential Electrical Maintenance

Prime offers residential electrical services for homeowners and landlords in NJ. We conduct inspections and perform routine maintenance to keep your home safe and up to code.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Prime also offers commercial electrical services to businesses operating in NJ. Keep your business safe and functioning optimally by scheduling routine electrical maintenance with Prime. 

Reasons for Electrical Maintenance

It is a good idea to schedule regular checkups for your home or business’s electrical system. Oftentimes, it takes one storm, one flood, or one power surge to damage an electrical system. Any damage might take time to manifest in your circuitry’s performance, and that’s why regular maintenance is the surest bet to catch any issues before they become dangerous.

Here are some reasons why you should schedule an appointment with a maintenance electrician.

Electrical Shorts

Electrical shorts in your home or business can be dangerous and disruptive. Damaged wiring is the leading cause of an electrical short. Wiring degrades over time, or becomes damaged in an accident or by invasive pests. The experienced maintenance electricians at Prime can identify the cause of the short and fix the issue the same day.


You should schedule regular electrical maintenance because of the dangers associated with electrical fires. In the US, there are on average 24,000 electrical fires per year. These fires are mainly the result of faulty electrical outlets. Our maintenance electricians will inspect your home for potential dangers and prevent your house from becoming another statistic.


Did you know that your electrical system must be up to state code if you own a home or operate a business, or else you may be liable for any and all damages if the worst happens? For a complete list of NJ’s electrical codes, check out the state website.

What Does Electrical Maintenance Cover?

A routine electrical maintenance appointment usually finishes in one day and covers a thorough inspection of the electrical system. That includes outlets, wiring, circuit breakers, and any appliances that could need servicing. 

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