Commercial Outdoor Security Lighting

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Outdoor Security Lighting

Is your building or parking lot dark? Keeping your business illuminated at night is essential for the security of your customers and employees. Prime Electrical Services offers custom solutions that fit your outdoor security lighting needs. Below are some of our services that we guarantee can make your business feel safer and more comfortable at night. 

Flood Lights

Prime Electrical Services can install floodlights for your building to keep it illuminated and safe at night. A well-lit building makes people feel more comfortable visiting and working there when it’s dark. 


Lighting your business at night provides the comfort your potential customers and employees want. Our electricians work with you to plan the installation of spotlights for signs, walkways, flagpoles, and any other spot you may need illuminated at night. 

Landscape Lighting

We take a custom approach to planning your landscape lighting needs. Our custom lighting solutions can elevate your landscaping while providing security for those using your property at night. 

We’ll Help With Your Security Lighting Strategy

In addition to our landscape lighting, we can provide security lighting for your business. We offer security lighting solutions like motion sensors, walkway lighting, and parking-lot lighting to make your property feel safer at night. 

What to Expect from Our Security Lighting Services

Prime Electrical Services helps make your business feel safer for your customers and employees with outdoor security lighting. We help you find what lighting is best for your business’s needs. Our team is experienced in a variety of lighting solutions that best suit your business needs, and they have the experience to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on our punctual arrival, we’ll always be there when we say we will, and we strive only to take the time we need to get the job done right. 

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Boost the security of your business with any of Prime Electrical Service’s security lighting solutions, and we can guarantee your satisfaction. Call us today at (888) 471-9083 to see how we can make your business safe and bright.

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