Commercial Data & Voice Cabling Services

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Prime Electrical Services offers commercial data and voice cabling services to get your business optimal network connectivity and speed. Our fully licensed and insured electricians come fully prepared with dedicated equipment lines, so they get the job done fast, efficiently, and with a high degree of quality.

Cabling Installation & Maintenance for Your Business

Whether you are looking for data and voice cabling for a new commercial property or are looking to upgrade and replace your existing lines and cable, Prime Electrical Services can help! Routine maintenance is a preventative approach to caring for your data and voice cabling. Your network connectivity and internet speed are a top priority, so the care and maintenance of your data and voice cabling ought to be a priority, as well!

Cabling Services We Offer 

Prime Electrical Services offers several types of data and voice installation and maintenance services. 

Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling is the system of network connections that run between control panels, computer systems, and physical rooms in a location. We offer professional and experienced installation and maintenance for your backbone cabling.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cabling is currently the fastest cabling for transmitting information. Using thin glass wires, fiber optics transmit data using light! We offer fiber optic installation and maintenance services.

Voice and Data

Our technicians can optimize your business’s voice and data lines. Whether you need us to lay new cables, replace old wires, or reroute your electrical, voice, and data wiring, Prime Electrical Services has the expertise and professionalism to get the task done fast and correctly. 

Wireless Internet 

Prime Electrical Services can also outfit your business for optimal wireless internet. Our technicians can install, repair and replace routers and other wi-fi equipment quickly and professionally. 

What to Expect from Our Cabling Services

You can expect our technicians to come fully equipped to handle the job. Our dedicated equipment lines mean that each technician has everything they would ever need to serve you expeditiously and efficiently.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured. In addition to being fully equipped, they also bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them to the job site. 

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New Jersey businesses trust us to deliver fast and professional electrical services. From 24/7 emergency services to a dedicated and highly qualified staff, Prime Electrical Services is your go-to company for commercial data and voice cabling.

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