Commercial Generator Installation

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Prime Electrical Services offers commercial generator installation, repair, and maintenance for New Jersey businesses. Our fully certified electricians have their own dedicated equipment lines. That means our electricians come prepared with everything they need to get the job done fast and professionally.

Why Install a Generator for Your Business

If the past year can teach us anything, it’s that you must prepare for all sorts of predictable and unpredictable issues that can get in your business’s way. Commercial generators keep priority equipment operating regardless of the weather or power grid.

If your business relies on refrigerators to keep perishables, chemicals, and compounds cold or heaters to maintain an optimal temperature, then a generator is a must. Commercial generators are for business owners who must keep equipment operating to prevent catastrophic and costly losses. 

Choosing a Generator

Our technicians help you select the appropriate generator to keep your essential equipment running no matter the situation outside. We offer a variety of makes and models used across various industries. Trust our team to help you get the backup power needed to keep your business running smoothly.

What to Expect During Your Generator Installation

You can expect our technicians to arrive promptly and thoroughly prepared to handle the job. Prime Electrical Services provides our electricians with dedicated equipment lines. Meaning they come prepared with everything they would ever need right in their truck. Installations can take as little as an hour to complete, depending on the scope of the project.

We are fast and professional, so we are out of your hair before you know it!

Choose Prime Electrical Services for Your Commercial Generator Installation

New Jersey trusts us to deliver fast and professional electrical services. With 24/7 emergency services to a dedicated and highly qualified staff, Prime Electrical Services is your first choice for commercial generator installation, repair, and maintenance.

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