Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

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Electrical Safety Inspections for Businesses

Getting an electrical safety inspection is essential for your business. Over time, your electrical system experiences wear and tear from consistent use, which can lead to issues. If you want to protect your business from a potential fire, or other electrical issues, then an electrical safety inspection from Prime Electrical Services is what you need. 

Why You Need a Safety Inspection

Regular electrical safety inspections highlight the need for wiring repairs or replacements.

Wires, connectors, conduits, and other components can become worn with time

This can cause outlets to not work properly, lights to flicker, or even cause fires. A safety inspection gives you the opportunity to recognize problems with your electrical system before they escalate. It’s much cheaper to prevent a problem than have an electrician repair new or existing damage.

Identify Electrical Defects

It’s probable that, depending on the age of your building, multiple contractors have taken care of your wiring and other electrical needs. That said, there may be flaws, inconsistencies, or defects in your wiring. 

Find Potential Risks & Fire Hazards

As your building uses more electricity, and more and more outlets are used, defective or damaged wiring has the potential to cause a fire. 

Discover Potential Overloads

Electrical overload is a potentially very serious issue that more than likely you won’t know happens until it’s too late. An overload happens when too much electricity, or current, goes through your wires which can make them hot. When your wires get hot, there’s a risk they can melt and start a fire. 

When Your Business Needs a New Inspection

It’s in the best interests of your business to have annual inspections of your commercial electrical system. 

What to Expect from a Commercial Electrical Safety Inspection

During a commercial electrical safety inspection, you should expect a thorough examination of a majority of your electrical system. Our experienced electricians inspect for any hazards or flaws, in addition to checking any previous electrical work performed. During inspection, an electrician may review multiple aspects of your electrical system, including the wiring method, how suitable the wiring method is for your building, the number of bends in each conduit, and whether or not your electrical system needs corrosion protection.


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